About me

 My name is Linda Friedrich and I m a Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith born and raised in Germany.

 I remember that my decision to work in fashion and jewelry was made when I was in 4th grade with about 11 years.

I always wanted to learn everything from scratch, so the first thing I did after art school was making an apprenticeship as a tailor.

Then I moved to Munich to study Product Management and Design on the AMD (Academy of Design).

Afterwards I worked for more than 5 years in corporate fashion. 3 years as a Designer & Product Manager for a big German company.

Then I left Germany for China and worked there for 2 years leading the Research & Development Team and worked as a trend scout in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

After these years of designing and merchandising mass market fashion - I immigrated 2008 to Israel to live with my boyfriend.

Creative work has always been like meditation to me, its keeping me grounded and time of thinking, so I decided to follow my passion of having my own jewelry label.

As I did with fashion – I did with jewelry – I learned everything from scratch. I entered the world of jewelry already in China and studied several techniques. Afterwards I continued to study with several Silver- & Goldsmiths in Israel.

In 2009 my label was founded, after I found a nice workshop located in a small paradise not very far from the sea surrounded by trees and grass fields.






About my work

I have always loved jewelry and the appeal of owning one-of-a-kind pieces. My jewelry is rustic and earthy, rich in texture and 3 dimensionality but also very elegant and above all, wearable.
The collections are inspired by a variety of sources, such as fashion and natural elements.

The final creations are a balanced result of my awareness & attention to my natural surrounding, which I believe everybody is influenced by. I love to work with ideas or materials I have right in front of my studios doors.

I find a lot of inspiration while having a walk. Everything I pick up in my surrounding or even on my table is potential jewelry to me. Sometimes it’s the shape of an element which draws my attention, or it’s the nice structure of the surface. It can also be the combination of things lying accidentally next to each other on the ground just as it would have been arranged purposely. Natural elements which I have picked up just to decorate my studio, suddenly seem to my like a new piece of jewelry such as little rocks, bark and stones. For my current collection I was inspired by the tree branches, bean pods, sea glass and a little rock which reminded me to a huge raw piece of precious stone found in a mine.


The materials I am working with are mainly silver and silver with 24kt gold plating and the work compasses a range of hand processes including soldering, oxidization and wax carving. I love to combine my items with leather and mix it with precious-, semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, aquamarine and raw diamonds.