How to take care of your jewelry

To protect your jewelry avoid wearing it to bed, while showering, and during sports. Avoid contact with perfume, creams, and household chemicals. It is a good idea is to store the jewelry in the box you received with the purchase. Gold and silver plating can eventually wear off – depending on care and usage. The blackened effect of oxidized jewelry can also wear off through time – especially for chains and rings.
Veuillez eviter de porter les bijoux durant votre sommeil, durant la douche ou pendant la pratique du sport. Evitez le contact avec du parfum, des crèmes pour la peau et des produits ménagers. Il est conseillé de garder vos bijoux dans la boîte reçue lors de l’acquisition. Les placages argentés ou dorés pourraient s’écailler due au soin et à l’usage. L’oxydation (bijoux noircis) est une réaction qui disparaît au fil du temps, en particulier pour des chaînes.

How to re-new the ''Black''effect of your silver jewelry

We are oxidizing sterling and Fine Silver by hand, making each and every piece unique. Oxidizing is a reaction that wears off through time. To preserve the original appearance, follow the same care as for Fine Jewelry pieces. Some fading is normal, especially for the chains and rings, though darkened areas should remain in crevices embracing the original antiqued appearance. In case you don’t like the fading you can blacken it again easily by yourself (see below) or bring it to any jewelry maker working with silver.


Do it yourself:

If you want to do re-blacken your silver jewelry just go to a jewelry supplies store which is selling silver and ask for ‘’Oxid’’ or ‘’Sulfid’’ to blacken your silver jewelry. If you want to blacken the complete piece of silver jewelry, so just hang it inside for a few seconds and then rins it with water and a bit of soap. If you want you can brush the piece with a little brass-brush under running water and just repeat the process – hanging the piece in the solution and then rinse it with water and soap. In case you have a piece where you only want to blacken certain areas or spots or a piece which is made out of different materials – not only silver (for example a oxidized silver ring with a gold-plated silver stone) – please DON’T hang the plated part into the solution!! Just take a brush and paint the silver parts you want to be black and don’t touch the plated parts.


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